7th September

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Eniko Mihalik by Will Davidson for Muse Fall 2010

She really is terribly pretty.  I love Eniko, but she rarely gets to just be pretty.  She is always cast as sexy, dramatic, or avant garde.  And sometimes I just miss the pretty.  I’m glad that Muse was missing it as well.  This may appear a rather simple editorial–and it probably is–but there is beauty in that simplicity.  To me, this is a very decidedly spring editorial in fall.  But there’s nothing wrong with that.  Often, fashion strives to present a fantasy and dramatic glamour to life with their editorials, but the industry tends to forget the power of a natural pared-down, yet well done editorial.  Muse has certainly not forgotten: it gives me a gorgeous cover with a pleasant accompanying editorial inside.  I can’t really explain why this particular editorial drew me in.  I tend to be picky about my editorials, discarding overly simplistic editorials.   But this editorial had some magic to it.  Just something that was more than a pretty girl frolicking amidst flowers.  Perhaps it is the beauty of it.  Will Davidson expertly executes this with a softness that I adore.  In any case, I like this without having to competently dissect why.

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