Lanvin Spring 2011


Oh Alber…You make me fall in love with clothes and this industry all over again.  Forget current trends and industry obsession with the seventies and nineties, Alber Elbaz is in a league of his own.  His aesthetic cannot be classified.  He simply makes exquisite clothes that are relevant and tied into the way we live now.   And they are excellently crafted with a masterful sense of proportions and shape.  He excellently navigates between the question of short vs long length and flat vs high heel.   He presents structured silhouettes, ladylike dressing, loose maxi easiness, minimalist tailoring, everything a chic woman would want.  I love how he introduces the collection with flowing dresses (perfect for spring!) before moving to structured minimalist looks that conform effortlessly to the body and finally closing with ladylike refinement. He has taken ladylike office appropriate clothes and transformed them with ultra lined fabric and vibrant sportiness.   The frayed edges to that one dress was a fantastic touch (above, lower right).  Just the perfect amount of deconstruction to balance out the minimalist look of the dress.

The loose looks are effortlessly chic as Alber’s controlled volume enough to provide ease without chaos.  In the beginning he starts us off with a sportier feel that effortlessly flow into the fluttery skirt, but he closes with true comfortable minimalism.  And that’s a major point for Alber.  This probably sums of the essence of what Alber wants for Lanvin: “In the end, I realize I only want to make women feel gorgeous, comfortable, and beautiful.”  And by God he has done just that.  He gives women versatility, practicality, and an wonderful sense of self.  For a man, he truly understands how women want to feel while wearing beautiful clothes: empowered, comfortable, and gorgeous.

People frequently scoff at clothes being more than preventing us from nakedness.  And I think they underestimate what looking good does for a person’s psyche.  Alber certainly caters to that.  He understands the way well-crafted clothes can make a woman feel and how the right look can brighten her day.  He is devoted to dreaming up beautiful clothes and nothing more.  He does not strive to deal in trends or provide overarching intellectual collections; he simply–wonderfully–provides exquisite chic clothes. <3

And of course, gorgeous clothes must be accented by an equally gorgeous beauty.  Long lovely lashes complete a face.  That is really all there is too it.  Who really wants anything else?  Brights, red lip, and metallics are one thing; a beautiful foundation of clear clean skin and glamorous lashes are truly the basics of beauty.  Women constantly search out the best mascara and play with new formulas for a reason.  Long, well curved dark lashes mean instant glamour.

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