Valentino Spring 2011


Hello there Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri.  I like what you’ve done with the place.

Valentino was going through some controversy and difficulty for a bit as it attempted to transition its image and shift its audience from an older demographic to one that encompassed both young and old with a poignant yet applicable ready-to-wear line.   Not to mention, moving in a more modern direction without losing any of its history or identity.  I believe that Piccioli and Chiuri have done just that.

I know that Piccioli and Chiuri had weaving the fairytale as an inspiration for their very first spring collection of Valentino, but it feels that way all the time.  And while I do miss the glamorous good ol’ days with the distinctive Valentino red and luxurious gowns (that is what, after all, Valentino couture is for), I really appreciate what they have managed to do with Valentino’s ready-to-wear line.  The clothes are more apt to ever day life while maintaining excellent quality and sense of femininity.  Piccioli and Chiuri stated that they would like to shift the romance of Valentino’s glamour and couture “in an effortless direction, more seductive, more subtle” for Spring 2011. And I think they’ve succeeded.

While this collection is still ultrafeminine and poetically girly, there is a modern sense of elegance throughout the collection.  The edition of tailored leather shorts peeking out beneath a sheer romantic top were an excellent touch.  The lines to some of the dresses are cleaned up to present an almost minimalist dress in the palest shade of blush show an awareness of the times.  Lace is carefully crafted into ladylike silhouettes while scalloped dusty rose pumps create a modern take on the romantic seventies that everyone is so fascinated by this season.  But the length is subtly sexy and the fit is tighter gently slope along the curves of a woman’s body.  Leather edges to some of the more romantic dresses creates modern edges to the girlier moments.  But there is still some of those fairytale moments with tulle layers above a tan base, but the length is shorter and at the knee to give a more current fairytale moment.  Seventies romantic maxi skirts with silk tiers become a little more structured to create this long lean line.  And an easy braid completes the look to create an unfussy look overall.

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