The Row Spring 2011


Due to some unfortunate delay in sample deliveries, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had to delay what was supposed to be their second showing at NYFW.  However, New York’s loss is Paris’s gain: the quality and aesthetic of The Row fit right in with the Paris crowd.  Which is unusual to say the least.  But I guess I shouldn’t be saying that about these particular twins.  Mary-Kate and Ashley have frequently known as style icons for the noughties (horrid name for the decade of the 2000s) and many would right them off as such.  But it would be grievous error to label the Olsens as “celebrity designers.”  They are far from it.  And it would be a grave insult to their remarkable line.

The Row is a brand of exquisite craftsmanship and displays the thoughtfulness of Mary-Kate and Ashley.  While it is a relatively young line, Mary-Kate and Ashley display a remarkable quality of craftsmanship.  I recall Ashley once stating that The Row is about creating the perfect tee or the perfect trousers or the perfect [fill-in article of clothing here].  Quite an arrogant statement–if it weren’t true.  Ashley, along with her sister, has indeed delivered on that claim.  The Row has gone from its start of French seam teeshirt dressing to covetable leather jackets, tuxedo jackets, traditional menswear trousers, and perhaps, most impressive, leggings that do not droop or sag.  This is displays a talent for design that go far beyond actors who just decided to turn into designing on a whim.  The amount of thought they put into it and research they have done can clearly be seen in the clothes.  In fact, this line of “basics” cannot be labelled as such; the quality is so exquisite that they defy such a label.

The Olsens are clever.  They essentially do what they know.  And those two most certainly understand fashion and know clothes.  They understand the idea of fit and concept of proportions.  And being who they are, they had to find the perfect proportions to suit their petite frames while still maintaining their personal styles.  They are also current.  The Row has a sense of timelessness to it, yet they are very much connected to the current moment.  A contradiction that is so very much idiosyncratic to the Olsens themselves.

What is great about The Row is the Olsens ability to design exactly what women today need.  They deal with the issues women frequently have with basics that should in fact suit all women but hardly do due to the quality of the mass market today.  And they present this elegantly crafted solution and add a refined feel to every day clothes.  This Spring collection no different. Exquisite, on-trend without being trite, collection that give the wearer control over the look (zippers to adjust the length of the long skirts and oh look, actual lining to the silk).

For more details on the clothes, read about it here

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