Stella McCartney Spring 2011

It seems that I am back to finding Stella McCartney merely enjoyable as opposed to the raving I’ve been doing about her past few collections.  Particularly, her Fall 2010 collection was the best I have ever seen from her.  It had beautiful beautiful well-crafted clothes that had all this magic and charisma.  And while Stella hasn’t lost any of that charisma, I’m just not feeling her Spring 2011 collection.  Although I can understand where it is coming from and the playfulness at the end (honestly, I cannot bear fruit images on my clothes), it is just not for me.

Stella McCartney designs for women of her generation.  She designs for women who grew up watching a soft seventies shapes and relaxed denim as young children.  She and Phoebe Philo (who also sent relaxed seventies shapes down the runway) are probably feeling a sense of nostalgia as well as reaching a place in their lives where they have a need such a collection.  Because this is a collection for the women who juggle both a career and their families.  Moreover, this appeals to an older demographic than I, which explains why I’m just not feeling this.  However, I did absolutely fall in love with the look above.  It’s gorgeous with a sleeveless trench that flairs out just the right amount and envelopes creamy high-waisted silk/linen (I can’t see what it is exactly from mere photos) trousers.  Everything about is relaxed yet put together; it is an effortlessly chic outfit completed by that box shoulder bag in matching cream linen.  Lovely.   And I guess that feeling is exactly what Stella was going for.  She provides an easy chic look that is at home wherever a woman must head to, may that be school office or the grocery store.

Click here to see the collection for yourself (especially the fruit that I’m talking about).


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