Givenchy Spring 2011


Givenchy was probably one of the most overt anti-minimalist collections.  Riccardo went full out in-your- face “supersexy, hard-core, erotic,” with leopard print galore and Gothic S&M style clothes.  That’s cool if that’s where your particular aesthetic lies.  While I am totally down for the S&M bondage style clothing (bring on those straps and criss-crosses), I am never a big fan of leopard print or really any animal print for that matter.  This is certainly not a collection for me.  However, I was able to find a few pieces that I can truly appreciate.  Riccardo Tisci, after all, deals in a haute couture, not just prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear).  He has the technique to have many layers without adding bulk or frumpiness.  He finds compromise in tight short skirts and shorts under a sheer skirt or trousers; it allows Tisci to play around with a sexy tightness while remaining on trend with the looser and longer trend.

Moreover, he layers these gorgeous bondage minis atop fitted flutted trousers.  Zippers run throughout the piece, lining some edges and adding edgy accents to the minidresses.  Some have sexy cut-outs, showing off the hipbones amidst zipper edges.  Others create an elegant silhouette and an illusion of covered-up with high neckline, yet showcase shoulders and arms and bare the entire back.  But everything is masterfully proportioned: revealing pieces appear refined while layers can be piled on without bulk.  Riccardo Tisci may be shoving blatant sex appeal at us all, but there is nothing desperate or vulgar about it.  The trompe l’oeil is exquisitely fused and the hardline zippers add interest and sex appeal to the collection.  Think like Carine Roitfeld: being sexy is about sex, not about trying to be sexy.

And I guess the true thing of note from Givenchy’s collection is the remarkable now-brunette Natasha Poly.  She looks shocking different from the way she does naturally as a blond.  Decidedly more avant-garde for sure.

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