Chloé Spring 2011


Decidedly very pretty ballet-inspired collection by Hannah MacGibbon.  Seeing as she was inspired by classical ballerinas, this is hardly surprising.  Chloé maintains this fresh beauty, effortless flowing style identity; MacGibbon carries on this tradition.  While there is clear Chloé history in the flowing gauzy skirts, this is the furthest it has gone in the direction of dance.  I like that she keeps the face and hair clean, presenting an almost clean slate for the clothes as that is also very ballet-like.

While there are some full out corps de ballet looks complete with tulle skirt, stretchy knit tops, and full ballerina flats, MacGibbon hardly presents a dance collection.  There are minimalist pieces such as tightly streamlined long sleeve dresses in a beauty rich cream along with structured A-line coats in vibrant crimson.  And MacGibbon doesn’t stop there: she presents sleeveless leather tops attached to controlled A-line skirts that fall just below the knee in black and camel.  A staple I’m sure that Chloé lovers will snatch up.  MacGibbon certainly provides plenty of camel for her camel-loving crowd.  Moreover, the small rectangular box bags are a wonderful little touch.  Gone are the days of the padlocked Chloé “It” bags.  And I’m glad.   These are modern yet timeless.  Much more suited to aesthetic of Chloé.

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