Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ashley Smith by Will Davidson for Russh #36

Va-va-vooooom.  A lot of people call her the poor man’s Lara but I find that unfair.  I like her.  While she does have a curvy body atypical to the industry, a gap in her teeth, and blond her, she doesn’t remind me of Lara at all.  Her demeanor is different and gives off an entirely different feel to her editorials.  When Lara does sensual editorials that focus on her admittedly spectacular body, she totally owns it. She’s in your face in the best possible way.  Ashley’s a lot quieter.  She’s equal in confidence, but there’s a naiveté about her.  Perhaps it’s because she’s younger.  And even though she’s styled as a bombshell, I love how the military boots ground the looks.  Not to mention, I absolutely adore her cover.  It’s really what caught my eye about this issue of Russh.

Credit: Smile

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