Versace Spring 2011


Hellooooo Milano!  So far we’ve seen a great return to high luxury and sexy silhouettes.  No quiet minimalist or romantic seventies looks for these ladies.  And of course Donatella does what she does best: sexy cut-outs and geometric shapes.  She brings us directly back into the heyday of nineties Versace: bright colors and happy embellishments.  However, it is all carefully controlled.  No maxi shapes for Donatella.  She gives us this new long length that everyone’s been raving out and sculpts it so that we get a clean new tight look.  It is well structured with tiny teasing glimpses of skin.

Make no mistake. Donatella is excellent at her craft.  People may only recall that particular Elizabeth Hurley safety-pin dress or that belly-baring dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys, but Donatella creates so much more than that.  I recently posted up her Fall 2010 Lookbook, and while the dresses are sexy, they do so much more than show lots of skin.  Donatella has a great understanding of a woman’s body and how the right dress can highlight all those curves.  And in this collection, she demonstrates excellent control and an understanding of structure without the sacrifice of glamour.  Oh and I positively adore those shoes.

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