Gucci Spring 2011


Forget the clothes, look at the beauty!  Nothing compares to a well-done face.  And thanks to Pat McGrath (makeup artist) and Luigi Murenu (hair-stylist), Gucci perfectly executed the Seventies Studio 54 beauty moment at its best.  The girls were positively glowing.  I believe that I saved more beauty shots for this collection than anything else.  That is not to say the clothes weren’t spectacular as well.  Applying a neon color-scheme (that did not hurt my eyes) with excellent gold accents, Gucci does what Gucci does best.   Frida Giannini stated that this is a collection is “a continuation and a celebration of who we are, and what we do.”  And she’s quite right.  She sends down rockstar-ready looks with high-refined glamour.  Giannini refuses to delve into the current trend of loose silhouettes and romantic seventies.  She’s ready to party with her seductive shapes and gilted edges.  She takes Gucci’s fans to a “place that’s sultry, sparkling, and always, but always, hot.” (from Mark Holgate’s review)

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  1. Hey man. Great update. I thank you bloggers for taking the time to put up good stuff.

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