Acne Spring 2011


Serious fashion clout.  Acne presented in Princess Margaret’s apartment at Kensington Palace.  This Swedish line has been a fan favorite for a while now for their clean lines, excellent basics, and well-crafted jeans.  Out of all the minimalist I’ve seen for Spring, I like this one the most.  There’s a really seventies feel with the sunglasses but that was the clever part.  They play right into the seventies fascination and softness with tiny little details.   Jonny Johansson subtly weaves in a romantic softness amidst the clean lines with fluttery silks and easy shapes.

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2 Comments to “Acne Spring 2011”

  1. do you have an rss feed? I want to add it to my reader but I can’t find it…

    • Umm…I think someone has mentioned this before. Sorry, but I have no clue. I, personally, never did anything with the rss feed, but I’ll look into putting one up if people are interested.

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