Preen Spring 2011


Lovely beautifully crafted collection.  This is one of the best of the week for sure.  Everyone came out of Preen absolutely raving about this collection.  And one can easily see why.  With the quintessential New York palette, Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton manage to create a polished pulled-together look anyone would want in their wardrobe.  What’s so perfect about this collection is the clothes’ ability to fit effortlessly in our every day lives.  But a chicer life.  One where we are chicly encased in beautifully crafted clothes with a movement that suits the fast pace of life nowadays.  Moreover, its power is in its ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

The pieces are well wrought with an emphasis on the waist enough that it brings to focus the shape of a woman’s body without tripping too far into the retro 50s.  This is a sophisticated collection with thoughtful embellishment.  There is an attention to silhouette and detail that signifies high quality work.  Moreover, this collection transitions effortlessly the minimalist movement of Fall 2010 into Spring 2011 without taking any of the glamour and luxury.  Bravo.

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