Vera Wang Spring 2011


Vera may be in mourning for Roger Federer’s loss, but her collection certainly isn’t.  And if it is, then this is the chicest mourning I’ve seen.  Oh look, a poofy bouffant.  How did Vera know that I was hoping for just the thing?  As for her collection, I think “lots of tulle”  narrows it down nicely.  That women certainly has a free hand with it and I like it.  Vera’s always been known for her dresses (hello brides), but I’m more  interested in her ready-to-wear.    Her dresses will always be beautiful, but she needs to show that she has more in her arsenal.  And she does.   Those crepe-wrinkled shorts and skirts are divine.  The shape is so simple, yet the wrinkles add a whole new feel to them.  And those armor-like vests with zipper edges? J’adore.  I certainly wouldn’t mind going to battle in those.

Side note: I love how everyone always puts Frida and Jac next to each other in the line-up.  I know everyone does it; Vera just happened to be the latest that I saw who did this.

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