Marc Jacobs Spring 2011


Very Studio 54 (not that I was old enough to properly know what that is).  In any case, hedonism is back.  All the minimalist restraint for Fall 2010 has been cast away with fervor.  With Marc Jacobs leading the charge, it’s back to the glamour of the 70s for spring 2011.  I’m sure we’ll all be fed up with 90s minimalist by then.  While I absolutely adored his Fall 2010 collection, this collection is great fun.  And we need a little more of that in our lives.   It is rich with color and enraptured with Grace Coddington-like hair.  And with Francisco Nars doing the makeup, how could Marc go wrong?

With gigantic orchids sprouting out and serpentine sandals winding up, this is virtual garden of eden.  While this is not his most thoughtful collection, it’s not a  miss by any means.  It’s a great tribute to the heyday of the 70s with a very Marc twist.  And I’ll leave it to Hamish Bowles to better dissect this collection as he has the knowledge and expertise beyond my own: here.

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