Donna Karan Spring 2011


So far, Donna Karan is my favorite collection.  I loved practically every look.  Titled “Raw Romance,” it is just that.  She produces a papier-mâché effect to a lot of her clothes, deconstructing it just enough to make it interesting.  She gives us beautiful soft shapes that fall like a dream.  This is the spring I look for.  Romantic and slightly dilapidated with lovely raw edges.    It is gentle and elegant with bias cute dresses that give just enough to create an ease of movement but still gently crests the body and giving it shape.  Karan seems to be inspired by paper.  Crepe, silk, satin, you name it, is crushed and crinkled into malleable shapes.  They are transformed into sweeping lines and refined silhouettes that just seem to stroke the body.  Exposed seams add a natural finish to dresses, elevating the romance.  The palette is entirely neutral with creamy vellum to hammered gold.

Everything is beautifully wrought with a clear ease.  And carefully accented with messily swept updos and lids swept with gold, tawny, or bronze.

Donna Karan is organic and romantic with touches of angelic grace.

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