Russian Dolls

Credit: Smile

Karlie Kloss by Tim Walk for Vogue UK October 2010

This latest offering from Karlie Kloss is amazing.  I love her work and that signature smirk is positively legendary at this point, but I’m so used to her lovely romantic editorials.  I don’t know how to explain it exactly.  She does wonderful work and manages to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.  And I love that about her.  I guess she just tends to do shoots that have more realism in them.  This is a fantastical avante garde editorial and I love it.  This haute couture glamour is what I miss most about publications nowadays.  They try to sell commercialism to a consumer that’s just looking for instant gratification and things they understand.  And it’s a pity.  But every once and a while you get something like this in a more commercial magazine (aka not Numéro, 25, 10, i-D, and various other fashion magazines).  So I applaud British Vogue for striving for more.  Thank you.

I wavered between featuring the shot above (cuz it’s amazing mais oui) and the Alexander McQueen piece, but ultimately that pose won me over.  Alexander McQueen was always willing to push the envelope and is much missed.  His epitome of glamour is something all other couture should strive for.  It makes sense that a couture piece would merit a concept like this.  It wouldn’t do it justice otherwise.

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2 Comments to “Russian Dolls”

  1. I was so excited about this piece when i was flicking through my copy of Vogue.
    I think Walker was perfect for this shoot.

  2. Love the Russian Dolls story too, and along with looking forward to the V&A Ballets Russes show, check out recently released beautiful album ‘Petrushka’ by up and coming new band Honeytrap, recently tipped for great things in the Times by David Bowie. & It was launched by WW Gallery ( and Crooked Teeth recording club in an atmospheric and magical gig at Bethnal Green Working Men’s club earlier this month! See photos here:

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