Rhapsody in Camel

Credit: Smile

Mirte Maas by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue China October 2010

She’s come a long way from that scared girl who opened her very first show with Alexander Wang back in Fall 2009 for his Spring 2010 show.  I’m glad.  She quickly got her sea legs under her and she has landed job after job.  Leave it to Alexander Wang to discover the next big model (as it seems with his latest opener, Britt Maren, as well).  In any case, Mirte is beautifully shot by Willy Vanderperre in Vogue China.   His is another aesthetic that I greatly appreciate.  Mirte has really striking features (see shot 10) and she puts them to good use.  She always puts on a strong face in her work without overdoing it.  The lighting to this is excellent as well; that lone naked lightbulb was just the right touch.  Everything comes together to create a wonderful autumn editorial.

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