Thakoon Spring 2011


Charming collection.  I normally don’t like prints, but I couldn’t resist Thakoon this time around.  His spring offering is just so pretty.  His use of silk is free-floaty and dreamy with the occasional rolled twist that sat so prettily.  Moreover, Thakoon most definitely gives me texture whether that be charmingly frayed edges or ribbon-like lines of eye-hooks.  It’s pretty without being too cute and more importantly, boring.   For those hot summer days, I would definitely reach for one of his silk dresses and cardigan jackets.  Hot days are such a dilema: you either suffer through wearing something other than shorts and tanks or you stick with the minimal amount of clothes as possibly.  Terribly unchic.  More like sweltering and slightly slutty.  In any case, Thakoon solves the issue nicely.   Stylish and cool.  Thakoon makes me look forward to spring and summer next year.

This is all topped off with a face accented with gold, bronze, and taupe.  Natural, light, and glowy.  Just the way I like it.  Apparently “Thakoon likes his girls to look like fairies” (so says his hair stylist Didier Malige) and that was certainly achieved.

On a side note, would you look at Jacquelyn Jablonski’s abs?!?!  Even from far away you can see the definition. Dammmmmmn girl.  Reminds me of her very sporty editorial for Russh last December/January issue.  Most models are either waif-like or womanly.  Jacquelyn is neither; she’s athletic and totally ace.  I love seeing that on the runway.

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