Derek Lam Spring 2011


Derek Lam has scaled back on the avante garde creations that fashion is so in love with.  He chose to go with designs for the everyday woman. One who wants chic clothes without being outrageous.  So it looks like it’s back to basics for him however with innovative twists.  While I don’t have any shots of it, Lam’s new erogenous zone and focus is on the back.  Expect a lot of halters.  In any case, the what Lam should be applauded for is the easiness of the clothes.  They’re so beautifully wrought that they’re effortless.  Moreover, every look is complemented with either platform wedge sandals (which remind me of boats) or knee-high strapped gladiators.  Crafty.

Personally, I adore the shoes.  They add the right amount of edge to the sweet basics.  I especially love the gladiators; to think I thought mine took a long time to buckle.  I can’t even imagine how long it took to buckle…8 of them.  The shape to the back of the straps are creative as well: neat in front and tree-like branches in the back.  J’adore.

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