Altuzarra Spring 2011


First off, it must have sucked following Alexander Wang seeing has he had white paint and clay baked into the models’ hair.  If I were Paul Hanlon, I would have been horrified to deal with that after if I had to prep girls for a show.  Anyway, Amazonian vibe at Altuzarra.  Almost everything was edged with snakeskin.  Moreover, the clothes cut close to the body resembled Amazonian armor at times.  Everything was deliberately crafted with military flair.  Asymmetrical edges were sliced with a controlled air.  What really caught my eye was the shock of neon UV glow-in-the-dark gel paint in the model’s hair.  I’m assuming that’s what all the cool kids are doing (thanks Alexander Wang + Altuzarra).  The face was kept bare and matte with natural strong brow.  The hair totally took the spotlight.  It makes me wonder how Paul Hanlon decided which color to put in the models hair.  Outfit, color of the eyes, skincolor?  Who knows.  I would totally start doing it at random just for fun :)  Somehow, I think I saved a lot of this merely for the hair and my like of the model’s face hahaha.  On that note, here’s Bo Don (that color of paint really suited her):

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