Olivia Palermo by Tesh

Credit: Smile

Olivia Palermo by Tesh for ASOS Magazine August 2010

Olivia Palermo is absolutely gorgeous.  And has excellent style.  She’s very good at mixing high and low.  For all the controversy about her attitude, personality, and status scandal, you can’t deny that.  All the issues about her bitchiness or whatever is probably just hype anyway.  Some say that she’s the original Blair Waldorf which only makes her better in my books.   In any case, Olivia Palermo has true style.  It’s all so effortless.  To be fair, I first noticed her during of the SocialiteRank blowup in 2007.  But not because they were ragging on her, but because she’s just so darn pretty.  And she’s become a true style icon.  I always admire people who have “style” over “fashion.”  It’s something that lasts instead of being transient hoopla only to be replaced by the next “big thing.”

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