Laetitia Casta by Vincent Peters

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Laetitia Casta by Vincent Peters for Elle France January 2008

Who the fuck cares about plus size modelling?  Or “normal” (aka waif-like) modelling for that matter? I certainly don’t.  Here’s a gorgeous normal woman who happens to be a gorgeous model as well.  I wish that more people would cast her cuz I would love to see her all over the place.   I’m actually really sick of Crystal Renn.  While she’s a decent model, people typecast her so often and do editorials that’s so specifically about size that I get sick of it.  And yes, I do realize the irony mentioning “plus size” immediately brings it to the forefront.  It’s a double-edged sword like that.  While Laetitia is not a plus-sized model, she’s curvier than the normal waif-like model.  And that’s wonderful.  I love that Marc Jacobs opened with her for Louis Vuitton Fall 2010.  She’s absolutely gorgeous and sensual in this piece.  This editorial is most definitely a classic and will stay with me for a while.

And forgive me, I’m rambling about who knows what in this post.

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