Isabeli Fontana by Mario Sorrenti

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Isabeli Fontana by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris December/January 2007/2008

Absolutely stunning.  I just sit in awe of Isabeli’s beauty and Mario Sorrenti’s photography.  It was difficult to choose a particular shot to feature as this entire editorial is so strong.  On principle, I hate leopard print.  I think it’s garish and overly expressive.  But Isabeli manages to make it classy, even when the clothes are merely draping across some part of her body.  The lighting is fantastic, and the photography just blows me away.  It bears repeating because Mario Sorrenti has totally risen in the ranks of my favorite photographers.  This just solidifies it.

Isabeli plays it perfectly: fey and a tad mysterious, totally drawing me in.  Despite her hair obscuring her face a lot of the time, she’s really able to connect with the viewer in this piece.  Not to mention, the posing is spectacular.   Each one is interesting and well suited to whatever she’s wearing at the moment.  I like how the clothes are worn a little off-kilter and that Isabeli’s a little mussed.

Sometimes, all the elements in an editorial are just a little too perfect and too fantastical.  This is one of the rare cases where I’m not wowed by the concept or some uber amazing accessory/prop.   This editorial is stripped of all theatrics and that makes it a thing of pure beauty.  Fashion at its best; where all that is needed to create magic are the photographer and model.

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