Lily Donaldson by Camilla Akrans

Stunning romantic soft focus shots by Camilla Akrans as per usual.  Lily, of course, is whimsically beautiful in this as she lounges around in fur and lingerie.  What girl wouldn’t want to revel in such luxury?  Camilla captures sensuality excellently with flashes of skin and focus on unexpected body parts.  For instance, in the very first shot, I can’t help but zero in on her bare thigh although it’s not particularly provocative.  In another (actually the one above), the peek of her bottom is an excellent touch.  It’s cheeky and playful without losing the more serious tone.  And very natural.  J’adore Camilla Akrans’ photography and Lily Donaldson’s modeling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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