Andrea, Angelica and Haley by Felix Lammers

Andrea, Angelica and Haley by Felix Lammers for Glass Magazine #2

While I must admit that I prefer lithe body types (I most certainly have a dancer bias), women of all shapes can be and are beautiful.  I think there’s something wrong about “normal” models vs. “plus size” models.  Women’s body shapes are not meant to be cast into two such extreme modes of waif and overweight.  But enough about my caveat towards fashion’s concept of womanhood and body image.  This editorial is whimsical and certainly shows off the accessories.  It’s romantic and sensual with curve hugging lingerie and tantalizing jewelry.  The shot featured above and the very shot are my favorites.  In the one above, she finds and excellent line.  The very first shot is unabashedly provocative without being over the top.  Love the balance.  Also, in the very last shot, those shoes…everything just comes together but those shoes totally got me. <3

And the best thing about this editorial, it makes no mention about size or shape like every recent editorial Crystal Renn appears in.  I love the girl and every thing, but editors really need to stop casting her in editorials specifically about size.  And yes, I do realize the irony that by my pointing out the lack of focus on size has now brought it firmly into that realm.

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Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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