The Duchess

So I’m trying out new formats.  Tell me what you think.  Slideshow/gallery vs. placing it under cut.  There’s merits to both.   On one hand, I so like to pick my favorite to place above the cut.  However, what might be my favorite isn’t the favorite of others.  I guess this way you can preview it and end up clicking on the one you like.   At this point, I’m just playing around with both depending on my mood.  Possibly I can incorporate what I like about both in this post: my favorite shot, slideshow, and then gallery.

As for the shoot, I like it.  It’s a great mix of romanticism and structure, and the countryside always makes for good scenery.   It has just a hint of whimsy and the black and white makes it all the more striking.  And you can clearly see who has what role with contrasting styles.  Well done Olivia Waugh for bringing that out so excellently.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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