Spring Romance

Before I talk about Karlie and her amazingness, can I quick point out that 25 Magazine is excellent?  Anja Rubik and  Sasha Knezevic have impressed me so much with their publication.  It’s beautiful, well thought out, and much needed.  While publications like Vogue and Elle reign supreme in the commercial world, there is a need for beautiful and thought-provoking magazines on the fashion and the industry itself.  Interview, 10 Magazine, Numéro, and now 25 Magazine fulfills my need.  Each is unique and inspires me.  And 25 Magazines makes me believe that “slashing” isn’t always bad.  Anja Rubik and Sash Knezevic are both models/editors and probably numerous other things in the industry; however, they uphold a standard of excellence regardless of what it is.

Ok now onto the shoot.  I’ve been waiting for a proper scan of this for what feels like ages (reality: 3 months), ever since models.com posted a somewhat blurry preview of it.  One thing I love about Karlie is that she’s naturally progressing.  As she gets older, she does more avant garde and perhaps risqué shoots (case and point: Parallel Lines for Numéro).  But they are all tasteful.  I don’t understand why a lot of people are freaking out about it.  I can understand this sort of freak out: “OMG THIS IS AMAZING AIORUNAE4OIFNEOFINAEOFIN” or something along that vein.   This editorial is romantic and a little hazy.  Which greatly appeals to my aesthetic.  And there’s nothing wrong with being sensual.  If she is mature enough to handle it and the result is as fabulous as this one, then I’m all for it.

Karlie Kloss by Lachlan Bailey for Numéro #113

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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