Alex Pettyfer

It’s hard to reconcile Alex Pettyfer as the teenager in Stormbreaker 4 years ago with the man he’s become now.

Especially as a male model.  He’s not just an actor/model.  He’s quite versatile as a model; the mark of a good model is his/her ability to change forms as it were.  And in some cases, I don’t even recognize him.  And if he’s being shot by the likes of Hedi Slimane (who’s work I adore), he’s in the industry in my books.  Take his editorial for VMAN October 2009 by Hedi Slimane:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And he’s younger than me by a couple months but certainly looks older.  Ridiculous. hahaha  He developed nicely.  I thought he was cute as a kid and now he’s causing me to develop a full-blown crush here.  Incredibly attractive.  But then again, I’ve always had a thing for blonds :P  In any case, he’s doing well for himself as model along with acting.

Here’s some more of his portfolio shots:

Credit: Alex Pettyfer Source Gallery

I must admit that I don’t follow male models as readily as I do female models in the industry.  However, I must say there’s a spark of something that drew me in.  While he is quite attractive, there’s more to it.  In this industry, everyone’s attractive and striking, or both.  But it takes more than that to last.  Perhaps it is a hint of rakishness that I detect.  Or an old soul.  He doesn’t seem like the celebrity type and is very…guarded.  Aloof is a good way of putting it I guess.  Whatever it is, I hope to continue seeing him in the fashion industry as well as on film.


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