Tough Ballerina

Absolutely bloody fantastic concept.  God.  I can tell that this post is just gonna be a whole bunch of happy babbling.  Because that really was my first reaction.  Of course, I’m extremely biased towards dance-themed editorials.  There’s just something about the blending of dance and fashion that excites me every single time.  There’s a fire in my blood for it and said editorial usually gains my instant adoration.  In this case, Interview is once again the culprit.  One thing that it does best is it’s ability to utterly capture pop culture in all its facets: dance, art, music, fashion, society. It manages to shock and thrill as it strives to showcase excellence.  Andy Warhol certainly had the right idea in creating it.  And it’s not fluff pop culture; it’s a pop culture before pop culture became convoluted with celebrity mayhem and superficial fame seekers.

Now onto the editorial.  Freja is her fantastically edgy self as always.  The styling is awesomely edged romantic with pastel frills and leather accents.  And how fantastic are the shoes with their vague semblance to ballet pointe?  And obviously any shoe that laces up the leg immediately has my love.   Overall it is an excellent shoot with an excellent model, photographer, stylist, make artist, style director etc. and excellent magazine to showcase it.  How can you not win with all that in your favor?  And most of all, it can instantly evoke something from the viewer.

Freja Beha Erichsen by Craig McDean for Interview April 2010

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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