Elise Crombez by Yu Tsai

I don’t mean to be crude but daaaaamn would you look at the ass on this girl?  (Well if you didn’t want me to focus in on it, there shouldn’t have a close up of it now should there? :P)  Not to mention the rest of her body.  I’m sure all the boys must be loving this; summer and hot weather means revealing a lot of skin.  Not to mention the color content (no matter how minimal the material) gets a boost as well.  While there is a storm outside my window as I write this, I can just long for summer even more by looking at this shoot.  Elise Crombez really is beautiful.  I love the shot of her tilting her head while wearing a white visor.  It casts interesting shadows and brings the angles of face in sharp focus.  And what angles those are too. hahah Whoops. Back again.  Hmm although she’s doing a lot of lounging around, there’s a bit of a sporty feel to it.  Maybe it’s the styling?

Elise Crombez by Yu Tsai for Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2010

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

One Comment to “Elise Crombez by Yu Tsai”

  1. Elise Crombez has a magnificent backside, for a massive shwing you should watch the VS 2006 show & see her in the Scottish section (uncensored version)…. that thong… O.O

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