Oh So Coco

Coco Rocha is one my favorite models; actually she’s my original favorite when I was first getting into this world.  And the world has finally caught up as the fashion world is highly fascinated with her.  She is one of the advocates healthier body image/weight and a strong model without compromising her principles.  And the industry loves her for it.  i find it a bit laughable that there were several articles during fashion week on her she was walking less shows due to being too “fat.”  She was only willing to walk shows for designers that promoted woman as opposed to cramming small girls into already tiny sample sizes.  Not to mention she had a phenomenal Paris Fall 2010 season.  She walked a ton of shows.  In her shoots, she’s always willing to do something unusual; it must be her dancer background.  I believe being a dancer has made her more unique and capable of pushing the boundaries.  Well she does have an inability to close her mouth but that’s ok; she’s made quite a huge career off of it.  Not to mention her lovely fiancé, James Conran, designed the chalk backgrounds to this shoot.  I love how he was just there to come along for the ride and got dragged into it as well.

Coco Rocha by Chris Nicholls for Flare April 2010

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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