Nails of the Month: Chanel Mint

Right Hand

I’ve been really into green nail polish lately.  I now have neon green, hunter green, sparkly pure green, minty green, teal, and turquoise. hahahahaha  I blame Chanel since it was their spring show that had sparked it anyway.  In any case, I’ve been slow to jump on the minty green bandwagon but I couldn’t resist when Maybelline came out with one similar to Chanel’s mint.  The only draw back is the horrible formula.  It chips very quickly and doesn’t adhere to your nail very well at all.  It’s kinda frustrating because it’s a fantastic color.  I might invest in the American Apparel version if this one continues to disappoint with staying power.   The dot of the flower is a turquoise that a slight shade darker than the mint green from Sally Hansen (although I hate the InstaDri series due to brush); it’s also on my toes :)  The formula is much better.  And as you can tell, the flower on the right hand is much better than the left because I’m left handed hahaha

Left Hand

Polish: Sally Hansen InstaDri teal, Maybelline “Sweet Thing” Spring Collection Polish in Minty, standard salon black polish

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