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March 22, 2010

Tiiu Kuik by Henrik Bülow

Beautiful art.  I just love the angles to her face not to mention the spectacular posing.  The lighting is absolutely perfect and the images created are breathtaking.

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March 22, 2010

Fashionable Contemplation

Now that I have some time I thought that I’d ponder about the subject I talk about constantly: fashion.  Although I am a bit sleepy…you have been forewarned about my state of being [part of it was written in the midst of fashion month; mainly the intro].

L-R: Stella McCartney, Haider Ackermann

What is fashion? And style?  Do they always coincide? I somehow think that style and fashion have become congruous in most people’s minds but they certainly don’t always coincide.  Fashion is a world I love and yet don’t fully understand.  I suspect that the industry insiders themselves don’t even fully grasp it.  However, that’s what makes it so exciting.  It is both definable and undefinable.  And in an age where the latest news tend to break on twitter and bloggers reign, it is even more undefinable.  I agree with Coco Chanel in that fashion is something that is fleeting while style always remains.  Because if one were to think about it, essentially fashion has a shelf life of 3 months-give or take- if one were to follow every single collection with: pre-fall, autumn/winter, resort, couture (both seasons), spring/summer.  And it’s always off.  Fashion always sets its sights into the future on what will be the next hit.  But there’s more to it.  I will not bore you with the tireless argument on the frivolity of the fashion industry (it IS clothes after all) or whether fashion = art (it is! so there! :P).  In the end, it still comes back to us as a consumer.  Even those who attempt to live “beyond” it or without it are living in it.  They just settle into denial instead.   But that is a debate for another time.

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