Basic Instinct

The world is undoubtedly fascinated by Kate Moss.  Always has and probably always will.  Whether is it examining every outfit she goes out in (and consequently mimicked all over the world) or reporting on her wild personal life, she has become an icon.  I’m actually really excited to buy Vogue UK April 2010 just because of this editorial.   This is one of the best editorials I’ve seen Kate Moss do in recent years.  I’ve seen her in plenty of ad campaigns and street shots, and she’s constantly landing covers, but her editorials have been…flat.  It’s as if she’s going through the motions and knows what looks good but doesn’t really feel it.  And this is one where I can finally connect with it.  The poses intrigue me and the lighting is superb; she is always great at finding the light.  There is a softness about her as well as refinement that the styling totally enhances.  I’m so used to her being fierce that that was what I expected from her.  And now she’s switched it up; something that is needed.  Because even fierceness can become boring if it is done time and time again.   I don’t know if it’s Photoshop or if she really did change her wild ways, but she looks really really good.  A lot younger than she has in years and brings me back to those iconic days.  Not to mention that Donna Karan skirt in the last shot is spectacular on her.

Kate Moss by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue UK April 2010

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


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