The Most Lusted-After Face in Fashion

Kinky.  That should give you due warning if you want to see the rest of the shoot.  But of course this is Lara Stone and Interview Magazine.  What did you expect?  Magazines like Interview and Purple thrive off shocking and provoking people.  But that doesn’t change the fact that Lara Stone is essentially the most sought after face in fashion.  In a world that thrives off the waif look, it’s really awesome that someone so “curvy” and normal is extremely popular.   To think that she almost gave up, but then someone recognized her talent.  She’s a 6 or was one (I think they’re reporting’s size 4 now which is still large for a sample size of 0).  Big whoop.  Fashion needs a shake up.  And it got it.  It also has a fascination with snakes lately: first Raquel Zimmerman’s shoot and then Anja Rubik, and now Lara’s cover.

Lara Stone for Interview March 2010

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

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