The All-American

I love how utterly un-photoshopped this editorial is.  Devon, of course, does a fabulous job.  But you can actually see the skin puckering up into goose bumps.  Goose bumps kinda make me happy.  Because it’s such a human reaction.  Fashion tends to try to give us a fantastical take on life, and while that’s great at times, sometimes I really just want something that’s real.  And it shows that reality can be just as beautiful as the airbrushed images of perfection that we so desperately want.  Sometimes the beauty is in the imperfections.  I love that we see freckles and goose bumps and yet they don’t take away from the shoot at all.  Of course she still looks utterly gorgeous.

Devon Aoki by Max Fargo in Self-Service Fall 2009

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

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