December/January Glossies

Now that February issues are starting to come out, I thought that I’d finally do a review of the December/January issues.   What is it about January issue lately that’s making it frighteningly thin?  I bought Elle, Marie Claire, American Vogue, and British Vogue for January.   And in comparison to the British issue, the American glossies were practically paper thin, not to mention failed to hold my attention as well as its UK counterpart.  I know that we are in a recession and that ads are at an all-time low for magazines right now, but that is no excuse for the lack of creativity.   I judge how interesting a magazine is by how often I will reread it as well the initial lookover at whether I am actually reading it or merely skimming.

While I loved Natalie Portman on the cover of Marie Claire, I liked little else.  Ok, the girl’s damn gorgeous and I would love to see her everywhere, but that can only do so much.  There was nothing made me go “wow, I really glad I bought this.”  The article on schadenfreude was mildly interesting and I wish that there was more things on that level than what was in it.  In fact, this was the most forgettable magazine in the pile.

I’ve loved Lady Gaga from the very beginning.  I think that she is a talented singer/songwriter/pianist and an excellent performer.  Her levels of insanity are impressive and instead of feeling like a gimmick, simply add to her appeal.   However, this is not about her.  I actually liked this issue better due to the skincare article on natural ingredients to ward off aging, interviews with Hunter Parrish (bias there I’m afraid because I ADORE him), Matthew Morrison and the cover girl of course, 21 days experiments, film reviews (Sherlock Holmes), and Brooklyn Decker’s editorial.  This is good for my dose of celebrity mania without hitting the tabloids; I mainly buy this one for my beauty fix.  Joe Zee is doing an excellent job; just amp up the ads a little.  It’s getting worrisomely thin.

This was by far the most disappointing issue.  Not only was it the thinest one, it barely had anything.  Of course it showcased some of the top models: Daria, Raquel, Sasha but it is a bit rubbish in terms of a magazine.  If I just wanted spectacular editorials, I’d look at W, Russh, Interview, all of whom give me something of substance besides something pretty to look at.  The interview of Rachel McAdams, while having a creative take, lacked depth.  And the lackluster cover; when Vogue has the best photographers in the world at its disposal, you would think they would utilize them to the fullest.  The article on size with Lara Stone could have been impressive but feel far from the mark.  What I did like was the showcasing of up and coming talent with Sasha Pivovarova and eight bands combined with interviews of 13 fashion houses that are changing their brands as well as the upcoming talent with Raquel Zimmerman.   However, there is very little in this issue that would make me want to reread it.

I adored this magazine.  Having never read a single issue of a British magazine, this one certainly made an impression on me.   It might have been the recommendation to pick up from editors of American magazines themselves, or it might have been the very pretty cover.    But in any case, it is HUGE and wonderful and I feel that I’m going to babble more about this then an actually review it.  I was captivated by every article, every interview, every editorial, every ad.  The British ads were fascinating.  And it was soooo thick!  It took me a full 3-4 days to finish reading it the first time around.  That’s how much it interested me.  Not to mention I love that international magazines focus on the MODELS instead of pandering to the masses by slapping a celebrity on it.  How is that for a revolutionary concept?  While it does have celebrities in the issue, they are not the focus of the magazine.  I love some gossip as well as any other girl, but when that is all my fashion magazine is about, I won’t buy the magazine.  So thank you Vogue UK for making it more about a world and industry that I love than about the celebrity tell-all.


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