Michelle Obama Does It Again

Ever since she’s been thrust into the spotlight, she has done a wonderful job being a role model and fashion icon.  She certainly has highlighted several American designers, giving them a much needed boost in attention.  With the state of the economy as it is, I think it’s wonderful.  And despite the controversy of certain outfits (J.Crew to meet the Queen and shorts on Air Force one),  I appreciate her unique style and her unwavering devotion to her own sense of style.  It reflects who she is and demonstrates her strong will in the face of naysayers.  She has my respect; I’m glad she representing women and proving that women can both be beautiful/stylish as well as intelligent.

Didn’t she look stunning at the first State Dinner?  It’s a perfect nod to her guest of honor and showcases yet another American designer, Naeem Khan.

Credit: People Magazine


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