Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld

Credit: garance dore

While I adore Coco Chanel as a person and an icon, her clothes were never really my cup of tea. Never the less, one can’t help but appreciate–actually, practically sit in awe of–Karl Lagerfeld’s unique take on things. His flair for theatrics-in a good way of course-and artistic license with some of fashion’s most steadfast “rules” literally put the “show” in fashion show.  Moreover, this, as with every season show, clearly showcases time and effort without appearing forced or contrived.  It’s almost like everything he touches is an instant hit.  Case and point: clogs really?  Not to mention he always manages to stand out from the rest, which is hard to do considering similar trends tend to pop up throughout fashion month.   Here are a couple of my favorite looks.  Be sure to check out garance dore’s totally fantastic post on it, aptly called Chanel, the Supershow

Credit: WWD


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