On the Verge of Fall

How is that even as I’m enjoying one season, I always wish for the next one to come along? What a fickle nature I have. :P Even though I have practically an entire month left of vacation, most of my friends who live in the semester system are already back at college. The call of fall is here once again as people begin moving in and all the fall lines are finally available in stores. Soon I have to transition from loose tanks, ripped shorts, and gladiators to fall gear. Which means more boots. :D Not only does my wardrobe go through an overhaul, so does my skin care regimen. It’s really important as your skin isn’t the same year round. Things you use in winter don’t work in summer and vice versa. The weather plus the natural cycles your skin goes through mean changing your routine in fall. Your twenties is the time to prevent premature aging and damage that will still with you. And I take it seriously. As should others if they want to age gracefully.

  1. Moisturizer: If you use a light moisturizer in summer, switch to a heavier one come fall. Find the one you use, and then use the moisturizer a step up from it for fall and winter: moisturizing serum–>light moisturizer –> heavy moisturizer –>moisturizing cream
  2. SPF: ALWAYS use SPF of at least 15. I don’t care if it’s cloudy and you can’t see any sun. Still put it on. Damage from clouds is actually worse. Not to mention, just because you can’t see the UV rays doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
  3. Cleanser: Switch from oil controlling cleansers to more mild cleansers. Fall/winter weather is really drying on the skin. Add an oil controlling cleanser to it and your skin will be really parched. You want your skin hydrated and soft.
  4. Exfoliates: In the colder months there’s a lot of dead skin cells build up on your skin. Use a gentle exfoliator with beads/alpha-hydroxy acids/fruit enzymes to clear it all up. Use it weekly. A clay mask is not remiss either. Just gently scrub it off with a sea sponge.
  5. Final tip: remember to extend all things done on your face to your neck and chest. Those areas are frequently damaged because they are constantly neglected. Not to mention nothing shos aging like one’s neck. Also, as much as it’s really tempting once the cold weather picks up, avoid hot showers unless you moisterize really well afterwards. They totally dry you out.

Now onto the wardrobe. What fashionist doesn’t love fall? There is a reason why the September issues are the heaviest; not only that, September means FASHION WEEK. September not only means the start of school, but the start of the fashion calendar as well. There’s just something new and refreshing about fall as the leaves are dying around us. Funny how it’s usually the season of fresh starts when nature-wise, it’s the season where everything starts dying. So what’s up for your fall line up? Mine:

  1. BOOTS: I buy like a new pair of boots every season. hahaha While I don’t exactly recommend that if you’re on a budget, there are certain boots every girl must have. One pair of classes stiletto black boots, flat boots in whatever color one wants (they can be riding boots, motorcycle boots, or just plain ol’ flatline boots), and a pair of ankle booties or ankle boots.
  2. Leggings: They’ve totally replaced tights. Not only are they quite flattering, they’re totally acceptable to wear with a tunic or short skirt. And one can take all the shorts worn in summer and pair them with leggings for the cooler weather. All those miniskirts and cute dresses worn in warmer weather can easily be transitioned by adding leggings and a jacket.
  3. Jackets: a good peacoat will not be amiss this fall. They’re warm enough and flattering on the figure. As opposed those puffy jackets that seem to leave feathers everywhere : / I’m a major fan of military jackets right now–probably because of the buttons hahaha Find something classic but with a twist. Just some little detail where you can make it your own.
  4. Scarves: I love soft cashmere scarves. I have them in cream (with pretty beading on the ends), heather grey, teal, and royal purple. I’m such a sucker for soft comfy things that are also quite flattering in the process. You can also wear them in many different ways and add a little something extra to one’s outfit. Of course they also keep you warm! (hahah see a theme here? I’m ALWAYS cold so thus I find ways to circumnavigate without looking like a marshmellow)
  5. Cardigan: Oh the boyfriend cardigan. I spent so much time searching for a nice investment cardigan. I found mine at club monaco. It’s soooooo comfy. And the tailoring and cut is most excellent. It flatters my figure and is made out of great material (merino wool and cashmere). It’s very warm despite how thin it is.
  6. Blazer: Structured, tailored, flattering, and certainly a staple. There are numerous uses for a blazer. Pair it with jeans (perhaps ripped) and a white tank for a night out on the town or pair it with an A-line skirt and stilettos for a job interview.

But don’t take my word for it. Go out and compile you’re own lists.


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