SYTYCD Season 5 Finale

This finale was INSANE. For one, they never hosted the finale at the Kodak Theater before. There must have been something in the air because they were all quite phenomenal. Of course 3 out of the top 4 are ASTOUNDING dancers. Brandon is one of the best male dancers. Ever. He literally defies gravity. His technique and the power behind it are simply breathtaking. I’m always really impressed by guy dancers because they have the power to push it beyond a level that girls usually perform at. (Damn that testosterone.) But who I’m really rooting for is Jeanine. This girl is gorgeous and her dancing matches her beauty. Her lines are extraordinary and I finally am impressed by a girl’s solo. In the seasons past, even the most beautiful and excellent dancers delivered lackluster and noncreative solos. Jeanine’s solos are truly impressive, clearly conveying personality and that stellar technique.

And thus, she goes on to win. :) I’m sad that Kayla got 4th as opposed to 3rd but I guess I forgot to factor in Evan’s enormous popularity. Brandon and Jeanine most definitely deserved to be in the top 2. But with a new season coming already in fall, I kinda think Jeanine is a little robbed of being able to rest on her laurels. Not to mention season 5 tour is in fall as well. Fox is packing it all in and there’s going to be an overdose of dance. While I adore dancing, I can imagine many people splitting their time between the new season and tour instead of fully enjoying both. The nice thing about SYTYCD in the past is that it’s in the summer where one has the time to to watch and enjoy it. But now it’s being added to my fall viewing schedule and that’s already packed with: Lie to Me, Gossip Girl, Glee, and SYTYCD. Now to mention my school schedule may actually already kill me. But enough. Congratulations Jeanine. I was rooting for you the entire season.


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