Bright Beauty

Summer weather calls for peacock plummage like colors on your face as well as nails. Everyone gets brighter in summer and hopefully happier. hahaha In any case, I love adding color to my palette because it’s like the adult version of face paint. As I type, I feel like I have beauty war paint on. But in a good way. Not to mention the hot pink nail polish I have on courtesy of L.A. Girls Disco brites in Disco Inferno. Summer is no time to be shy so indulge in that electric purple or hot orange.

Some recommendations:

  • MAC Liquidlast liner: this stuff is amazing. And won’t budge a bit. Seriously. Better have some waterproof makeup remover or baby oil on hand or else this stuff is never coming off. Of course if you happen to mess up, the drying time is long enough that you can easily wipe it off and fix it before it sets. Reports say that you can even swim in it. How interesting. I must go try it. I just bought it in
Blue Herizon :

and Aqualine:

I also still have Electrolady from last fall as well:

Summer is the time to experiment and have fun! So go out and add some color to your life!

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