Summer Fever

Despite what the weather has been like lately, summer is, in fact, coming. I can feel it. Time to break out the sunscreen and ease up on the makeup (to prevent meltage). The pull of the outdoors is sooooo much stronger than the pull of the lecture hall. I have no idea how I’m gonna make it through finals week come June. I guess the good thing is that I only have 2 finals: math and chem. Of course, those two are also my hardest classes (well…hard is a relative term since I never play attention in chem and somehow scrape by). It’s hard to believe that it’s already May and that a month of spring quarter has gone by already. I’m ready for lounging where I can do nothing more challenging than reading and working on my tan. It’s almost here. One month left. Hard to believe right? We’ve barely started spring quarter and yet there you have it. Freshman year has totally breezed by.

Let’s take stock of everything that’s happened in one year of college. I had a crazy emotional/mental breakedown in fall quarter. I had slowly dropped all my socialization until I was literally cocooned in academia. That actually drove me insane I think. So not doing that again. And of course the breakdown wasn’t entirely due to that. A lot of it was from leftover bagge from high school and parental pressure as I think they had a harder transition thatn I did. It was like switching gears where they suddenly didn’t know how to handle things. And thus decided to deal by taking it out on me. But got over that. Moving on. Winter quarter was like chilling for me. I was hardly stressed at all. Possibly because I was only taking core classes: English, Physics, Chem. English was such a breeze that I was actually worried that my writing standard/level was deteriorating as I took the class. And I couldn’t care about physics enough to fully commit to it; it was just a requirement that needed to be finished. End of story. Chemistry had its pros and cons. For one, it was the latest class I’d taken, being from 4:30-5:20pm in winter. Which meant that I was going home in the dark. That wasn’t terribly great. And I also had a 4 hour break that I had to fill (I hate when I have nothing to do) by swimming and hanging out/studying. The proff was pretty decent though and mais oui my TA was fabulous. *smirk* And of course, that was also the highest that I had ever gotten on an exam in college. hehehe I guess I knew my shit. Holden would be so proud.

And now we arrive to spring. Spring brings romance :P A couple months ago, if you had asked me what my ideal relationship was, I would have said a fuck buddy/open relationship. Someone who knew the score and would leve me the fuck alone when I didn’t want him around. hahaha Oh how things have shifted. I’m mushy and emotional and absolutely loving it. It’s like diametrically opposite from who I’ve been for most of my life. I may have been known as either an ice queen/bitch or the badass throughout high school, but being in a relationship has totally destroyed that image. Well…I’m still a badass :P I’m just more open to the people that I trust. I think it’s scaring some of my friends how open I am sometimes to them. But it’s not like they’re telling other people. I generally ahve a good read on people. I’m not particularly worried.

The biggest effect college has had on me: MY STYLE. God. College has got to be the worst influence on my style ever. Being constantly surrounded by Northfaces and jeans and marshmellow boots is like more than I can handle. I understand that we live in the Northwest but honestly? The weather isn’t exactly rainy all the time. Are college students so busy doing whatever that they can’t even dress themselves properly? It drives me nuts. Have a little creativity. Wearing leggings does not count since girls are now using it s a substitute to pants. Which it’s not. Of course, there are well dressed people on campus, but on a campus of 40,000+ people, they are easily drowned out by the Northfaces. And that is horribly disappointing. One of my desires is to capture the street fashion on campus. Maybe on a nice day. And when I get a better camera. Overall, I find myself being less inspired on a gigantic campus (hard on the heels) surrounded by people who insist on dressing alike. I being to recycle outfits from high school and when I bring out those signatures, like the red pants of the Brazilian boots, everyone reacts. Generally in a good way. But it’s funny. They’ve yet to become my signature at college. All of my friends from high school can in fact attest to the truth on my fashion. Maybe it’ll get better. Let’s see in 4 years’ time shall we?


I realize that I’ve yet to post my photography. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t taken any new ones lately. I guess I can post my old ones. Enjoy:

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