Rules of Attraction: Girl Hot vs. Guy Hot

Glommed off of Teen Vogue blog:

This is so terribly interesting as different things attract about people attract me. And there is a huge difference between dressing girl hot and guy hot. Now come to think of it, I think I work harder on an outfit when I see my friends that I do when I go on a date. Girls will notice details and judge you based on how pulled together you are. Guys don’t seem to care as much. But then again, as girls, we tend to overanalyze things. Well I don’t mean to overly simplify it, but there is some truth to it. And as I’ve had more than my share of people looking at me, things I notice when a girl checks you out (I would know since every Asian woman/girl does not like me, especially middle aged Asian women lol) are hair, face, outfit, and then shoes. When a guy checks you out: the key things become face, boobs, exposed skin (perhaps stomach), ass, and legs. lol Greatttt. hahaha Here’s Teen Vogue’s take on it:

“‘Slim, boobs, butt, gorgeous face, and great hair,” lists New York City native Lucie, sixteen, when asked what she thinks guys like in a girl. And what are considered attractive qualities for girls by fellow girls? “Bone structure and body proportion,” notes Kara, 20, of Chevy Chase, Maryland. “And personality,” adds Samantha, a nineteen-year-old college sophomore in Newark, Delaware. When it comes to looks, the battle of the sexes rages on. “Girls and guys have very different standards on what’s attractive,” Lucie explains. “We notice the shape of someone’s face, but boys notice how you look in a bikini!” Now a new study is backing up their point of view. In February, researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that men and women process beautiful images differently–guys with the right side of the brain, and girls with both sides of the brain. Separate medical research in the past has shown that the right side of the brain is associated with fantasy and imagination, and the left side governs logic and communication. While the Proceedings study is far from conclusive, it could in part explain why girls take a more well-rounded point of view when rating beauty. “The study doesn’t surprise me,” says Anthony Youn, M.D., a Michigan-based plastic surgeon. “Generally, men are visual–they tend to find women with that Barbie-doll look, like Heidi Montag, attractive. Most women, though, feel that someone like Lauren Conrad is prettier than Heidi. Lauren is natural.” Samantha agrees: “I think guys base hotness only on body and face, whereas I care about the whole package, including her sense of style.” Indeed, being fashionable ranks highly among girls. “Nicole Richie is attractive because of her overall look,” says Kate, eighteen, from California. “But I’ve never heard my guy friends call her hot.” In the end, Victoria, nineteen, from Toronto, says the opinion of the fairer sex matters more to most females: “Girls dress for other girls. If we think we look good and our friends think we look good, then we’re happy!” And top trainer Brett Hoebel urges teens to celebrate what they have: “Because of pop culture, the waif look is the current standard for girls and is largely achieved through plastic surgery or Photoshop. But the most important part of being attractive comes from within–your opinion of yourself is all that matters.'”

Credit: Teen Vogue Daily


One Comment to “Rules of Attraction: Girl Hot vs. Guy Hot”

  1. You make some really great points! I feel the same way. I just wrote a post about the “girl world” and all of our judgmental tendencies. Check it out! And thanks for sharing your thoughts:)


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