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April 6, 2009


hahah wow. I’ve been in a black and white editorial mood lately. I’ve posted 4 in a row now. Well I did always like a classic. However, all of them are done very differently. Especially the polaroids.

As to the rate at which I post, it’s slowing down lately. That could have to do with the start of classes and a certain someone distracting me. Or it could be that I have nothing to post about. Idk I think it’s cuz blogging isn’t new to me anymore. It still makes me happy, but I’m not attached to my comp 24/7 anymore. And that’s a good thing. I still write randomly at times but I’m gonna take advantage of the nice weather we’re having (a rarity in Seattle!). Also I feel a bit bad that I’m not studying since I have nothing to do. hahaha Well the quarter did just start. I love my CHID class so much (refer to earlier post for all about that) and choir is a lot better than I had anticipated, which is a pleasant surpise.

However, a not so pleasant surprise was having to play the piano at mass today since JoJo was singing. : / I had like no prep time and was quite surprised. JoJo’s soooo much better at improvising than I am. I’m the technian but along with that comes a lot of practice. Also improvision is a lot easier when you don’t have to follow particular chord progressions; you can just run with it. *shrug* I got through it well enough. AND I totally chested that C. Whoo! My normal chest voice range is to the B right before it. So I was proud. hahah so was JoJo since it’s his song and everything that I did it on. :) So overall, not a bad mass despite Mo being sick. Feel better Mo!

Hmm this feels like a diary entry. I’m not prone to do those very often. Most of my musings are more angst-ridden and caused by emotion. This is kinda a happy-ish post I think. hahahah Idk. It’s not the usual heavy-hitting stuff that I write. Maybe that’s a good change. Something about angst, insecurity, and pain makes us better artists. Heartbreak is wonderful for any dancer or singer, artist, etc. It brings out the emotion in a performance or piece and allows the performaer to move beyond good and into the realm of excellence. That is not to say that people who are happy cannot have soul. Just yesterday I went to a gig of a family friend. It was AMAZING. And made me remember why I loved live performances so much. The singer was awesome and totally reached OVA-ness (ha! Travis Wall I used your term). Seriously. Amazing technique, but what was more impressive was her SOUL. Damn girl. She totally got it on. She had captivating personality and it totally showed in her performance. I hope to go see live performances again soon.

Ok enough babble for now.

April 6, 2009

Tush Magazine

This model has a lovely face. I can see why she is being used in a beauty magazine. Simply gorgeous.

Anna Maria Urajevskaya in L’Americaine: