Re-Thinking Diversity

So I finally got it. I wanted that class since I had first heard of it in summer around orientation time. And lo and behold, it came up in the Spring 2009 schedule. At first I was a bit disappointed. The first day was the typical humdrum of class syllabuses and speech of expectations. There was no actual learning going as well all reacquainted ourselves with the rhythm of academia. However, I was excited to hear our first guest speaker present. Only to be vastly disappointed with the depth of thinking and discussion going on. I do believe that we can understand the implications of “theory” without someone leading us through it. The readings already made me feel the drudgery of busy work. I must confess that I am largely biased again feminist scholars. Possibly because most of them tend to whine but don’t actually do anything. Or that they take it so radically, it turns me off to the cause. Like PETA. (Don’t get me into that) Anyway, the readings were rather standard basics for any philosophy class, one of which I had already read in a previous philosophy class (but with sheer awesomeness of the teacher it was well worth it). However, we didn’t really get much out of it. It was like dipping our toes into the pool of knowlege, as shallowly as possible. And I was hoping that the rest of the quarter would not be like that. Everyone told me that expectations are hardly ever met but really? My fabulous course was reduced to a standard philosophy class. But, then again, I do have tendency to make snap decisions. Has to do with the reading people things. Another HUGE deterrent was my nature bias against people in the Greek system. Sorry, but I can’t help it if the stereotype proves true time and time again. And boy where there a shitload of sorority girls. God help me.

HOWEVER, today was a huge shift in focus. I loved today’s session. My TA, Rahul, will make it well worth it. He expects nothing short of excellence and I plan to bust my ass off give it to him. If I can give him a fraction of what he’s given me, I will be tremenduosly happy. He’s one of those people who are unapologetically who he is. No bullshit. No censorship. Just straight up talk and consideration of the implications we make. He’s also one of those people who will touch people’s lives and be remembered. His passion for his teaching matter and frank way of speaking really touched a part of my soul. I don’t know how to do this experience justice. It was like I tried to absorb as much of what he was teaching us into my head and lock it in my memory for as long as I can keep it there. I could hardly take notes, I was so riveted. He’s like Quinn x10. And I love it. He’s preparing us to think critically and deal with the world as it stands at large. He has a lot of experience and wishes to pass that on to us. I, for one, am glad. This is what I signed up for. Something to challenge my thinking and change me for the better. Help me to deal with a world that is unlike my own and to face up to the various gridlines of diversity. This is will push me, mold me, shake me. And I welcome it. Crave it even.

I have a hunger for knowledge. I want to realize the limitations of my own ignorance. I want to prove that I can critically think beyond what people think of me. There is a natural bias against the youth: the common that is that they have nothing to offer but vapid souls incased in youthful packaging. And I have more to offer than that. I will not be talked down to just because I am young. And perhaps more than a little idealistic. There is nothing wrong with it. I can critically think about the world around me and the information being thrown at me. So adults will just have to deal.


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