Taylor Momsen

Is just me or is a 16/15 year old girl wearing too much make up, too much leather, and partying just a bit too much? For someone who claims to not go out much, she sure gets photographed a lot. Even her other Gossip Girl costars have a more balanced event schedule. NY is great and the life of a successful actress makes everything in the world seem accessible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she should indulge in it all. I guess I’m being slightly judgmental because she like wrecked her good looks with a horrible hair cut and suddenly layering on the eyeliner. In essence she looks like a 1980s crack whore. While I’ll admit she’s getting better at balancing out the edginess with glam, it’s just a bit disconcerting to see a 15 year old girl acting like this. Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since we are in the land of tabloids. *sigh* I know a girl’s gotta grow up, but really? This is who you want to grow into?

See for yourselves:



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