"The Meaning of Sunglasses" and Whatnot

I do believe that this is the slowest that I’ve read a book in a good long while. I’m quite a fast reader, probably due to how often I do read books, but this time around, I spent most of my time contemplating what is being said as well as the implications. It was quite like when I read philosophy and have to pause and reread in order to interpret meaning from it. And that makes this book quite different from any other fashion book out there, as well as making as far removed from the evil connotations fashion has picked up over the years. Yes, I am highly fashion obsessed. Yes, I monitor fashion week and read fashion magazines such as Vogue. No, I am not a childlike entity that has no free will. And yes, I am quite vain and arrogant, that does not making being aware of fashion a frivolous activity. It is a hobby, one that makes me quite happy so all the critics and jealous people can shut the fuck up. I am quite able to balance my intellect and self-awareness thanks.

ANYWAY, this book is highly amusing, utterly truthful, and a must-read for everything. In essence, this book is a satirical encyclopedia on fashion, the best kind of course. Hadley Freeman is able to capture audiences with her dry British wit and her intimate writing style. As the summary puts it she writes “with both insider’s relish and layman’s exasperation.” Perfectly put. Now go out and read it. I assure you that you will be highly entertained.


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