Gossip Girl/Fashion Magazines

First point of order, GIVE ME BACK GOSSIP GIRL. It has been on a hiatus for about a month now and it’s driving me crazy. Mondays are no longer exciting. The next episode better be like fucking amazing. That’s the least you can do for depriving me of my weekly dose of Chuck Bass. Although since the next episode is about Blair, I’m assuming Chuck will be in the near vicinity. And when I mean near, I mean like there’s gonna be some nooky going on. hahaha I’m not so sure on how I feel about the reunited N/B. It’s weird to see them together since all the characters have grown and changed so much. It’s crazy how much. I guess I will have to wait on bated breath to see how it all unfolds.

Fashion magazines make me happy. I was in a rut for a while cuz I hadn’t bought any March magazines and felt deprived. There was also some issue with certain vendors (the U bookstore lost their supplier) and magazines just weren’t releasing on time like they should be. And I am glad to report that the latest March issues are quite thick. That could mean that there are more ads, but that’s a good thing. That means more exposure for the model featured and that means that magazines are bouncing back from the recession. I was worried about how thin the magazines were getting, especially December/January issues. February didn’t do much better. It’s quite reassuring to see them back to normal thickness. I bought March Elle and Vogue. And god, were they heavy. hahahah This is almost a good complaint. Hopefully things continue on that track and get better.


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