Polish Models by Cameron Krone for Viva! Moda

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Anja Rubik, Monika Jagaciak, Anna Jagodzinska, Magdalena Fracowiak & Kasia Struss by Cameron Krone for Viva! Moda

Wow I really like Polish models.  All 5 of these models make my top 10 list of favorite models.  Jac is my current favorite, but god, Anj looks spectacular in this.  And combined with those Versus dresses (Christopher Kane, I’m so glad Donatella chose you), this is a truly lovely shoot.  The moments of brilliance and gorgeousness far outweigh the parts I don’t like.  And while I don’t care for a good portion of the colored shots, I love like every single black and white shot.  Anj is really well showcased in this.  She always is in every shoot she does (as she’s fabulous), but even with 4 other models, Anja gets most of the singular shots.  That’s fine with me as I love her, but I wish they would give the others more shots.  Anj is already a well-established veteran model.  The others need it more than she does.  In any case, I love this quintet and hope they continue to get plenty of work (perhaps together again).

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